Wednesday, August 13, 2008

When a group of kids who love photography and film, love to dress up, love to act, and love to share their creative skills get together, what happens?

In our case, we do photo shoots. A couple weeks ago I got together with my 'adopted sisters' for a lovely visit of singing, dancing, hiking, and dress-up.

We're all devoted fans of Jane Austen, as this picture evidences.

We can pretend to swoon over Byron, if necessary. The sweet little Miss M, however, seems to be just a wee bit amused and bemused.

Miss S not only makes a lovely Regency maiden, but a perfectly glamorous vintage gal as well.

Miss M was the one who initiated my adoption into their family. I met her when she was five years old, and seeing that I sadly lacked sisters decided to fix matters up. We're bound not only by the ties of adopted sisterhood, but also through the sacrament of Confirmation. When she was confirmed several years ago, she asked me to be her sponsor. Isn't she the sweetest, cutest little thing?

But if she has the right outfit and a mind to it, she can be the very definition of elegant. We'd never seen anything as elegant as that girl in her dress and hat. As the one who took the above picture, I speak from experience when I say that she is the easiest subject to work with. She's extremely photogenic, and always knows just the right attitude and pose to strike.

My brother Sean proves that the women-folk aren't the only ones who know how to dress snazzy. He can also be very photogenic, if he tries...

...but he has a dreadful time keeping a straight face. And when he laughs, he can't keep still. Most of the time he's a blur.


Alice Gunther said...

You are all absolutely lovely. Great photos!

Poppy Dadswell said...

very funky!!

Debbie Haughland Chan said...

What fun you all seem to be having and what a great idea to dress up with a theme like that!

Ria said...

They're awesome! And I love your new profile pic!!!