Friday, June 27, 2008

I love Chesterton's poem Lepanto.

For the majority of my life, I couldn't connect with poetry. Generally I had a natural love and capability in the arts: writing, music, and such simply came to me. I loved them, and they were easy for me to pick up. Not so poetry, and not so drawing. I tried very hard to be a poet, and I tried very hard to be an artist, but while I could in the course of twenty-four hours go from the first tentative playing of a violin piece to have it fairly well down, poetry and drawing just would not come.

Maybe it was partly because I couldn't write poetry myself that I had a hard time reading and appreciating the poetry of others. I don't know exactly what the reason was, but though I was a very poetic person, poetry in itself was lost to me.

Until I read Lepanto! Chesterton always seem to be the one who makes me understand something that was previously a mystery to me, and poetry was no exception. I'm somewhat poetry-obsessive now (and I should add that Chesterton is undoubtedly my favorite of all the poets).

I decided that I'd start memorizing some of my favorite poems: on the blogging 'Poetry Friday' I'd choose a favorite poem and have it memorized by the next Friday. For this week I chose Chesterton's By the Babe Unborn, and I've run into an unexpected problem.

Whether the memorization of poems isn't as difficult as I thought it would be, or whether I've been aided by the experience I have in memorizing my parts in our family plays, it took me only half-an-hour to learn the poem by heart. I find myself with a blank week.

So I'm going to aim for Lepanto instead. By next Friday I hope to have that glorious poem memorized, so I can always treasure those lines, whether or not I have a hard copy with me.

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