Thursday, June 05, 2008

Always Dignity

I've begun the college application process!

On Saturday I take my SATs. Prayers would be appreciated, as I am not the test type of person.

Sitting before me is a list of various questions which I'm to answer for an essay on, basically, myself, as part of the application to TAC.

It's so tricky to strike the right balance with an essay about your own life, character, and thoughts. You need to be honest and genuine without getting too wrapped up in the great epic of your life. I've always found that in any sort of essay or book, the opening sentences can be really key to setting the right tone for yourself. For that reason, I always struggle over the first paragraph of a paper, or of a book, or of whatever it is I'm writing.

But for an opening to the tale of your life, you can't do much better than this:

"I've had one motto which I've always lived by: Dignity... always dignity."

I wonder how many other applicants have been seriously tempted by that line?


Love2Learn Mom said...

Oh, that's very funny!!! (and from another one of my favorite movies)

Devin Mc said...

Oh yes, a very fitting first line.

Lol, at least it might make whoever reads it smile.