Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Not Central or Important to Catholic Worship

While visiting Closed Cafeteria blog just a couple minutes ago, I was surprised and taken aback. This is news to me!

I've always known that I'm not a fan of Marty Haugen's music. I find that instead of making a profoundly spiritual impact, his music rather effects me with a temporary and superficial emotion, one full of the not-so-good kind of sentimentality. I've always known that his compositions are full of musical cliches.

But I had no idea that he isn't even a Catholic! Now I really wonder...

With all the rich, beautiful, deep Catholic music in our heritage, why do we constantly hear shallow, cheesy, non-Catholic music?

Well, no wonder I never felt like I was hearing Catholic music when the Haugen stuff came on.

As for me... I'll take the beautiful words of Aquinas, or the soaring compositions of Mozart, any day.

First of all, although I am not Roman Catholic, I have a deep love and respect for and faith in the worship tradition of the Roman Catholic Church. My own hesitancy about joining the Church is not about its eucharistic theology, but rather around the unwillingness of the Church to commission, ordain and welcome all humans as Jesus did–male and female, married and unmarried, saints and sinners. I believe that the Church, God’s people and all of creation have suffered from this omission.

I do not think of my own music as central or important to Roman Catholic worship, present or future. I began writing as a parish musician; I still keep the vision that to be “catholic” is to learn and love and embrace the best of the past tradition and to welcome the “best” of what is new, as Gods speaks through all cultures and expressions (see “Lumen Gentia”). I leave it to communities and to the Holy Spirit that will (more than us, thank God) guide the future choices that will last.

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lissla lissar said...

Oh, heavens. He isn't Catholic?

Sigh. That won't make any difference to our music director. And now for another chorus of, "Gather us In", with tambourines!


I really really miss Anglican music some weeks.