Wednesday, April 16, 2008

More Sewing Pictures

I finally got some good pictures of my Christmas dress! Unfortunately, I didn't actually get to wear it for Christmas, as I didn't finish it in time... but I did get to wear it to the Christmas dance at our church a couple weeks later. Liam and I had a blast swing dancing in our vintage styles.

The summer dress below was made from the same pattern as the Christmas dress.

I finally figured out what to do with all those bits of left-over fabric that are too small to use for a full-grown outfit, but too large to simply throw away... baby dresses! Below is the baby sundress I made this past Sunday, based off of the vintage styles. I love red rickrack on white fabric, and went wild with it on this one.

I have several baby dresses in the making from fabric scraps. Little boys seem to be the most popular in the family, but if ever any little girls start making an appearance, I'll have a lot of little dresses to hand out as presents! And, at the very least, I can save them for, God willing, my future daughters.


Tala Sinclair said...

The baby dress is so cute. I wish I could sew like you.

Michelle said...

Lovely dresses! :)

Anna Kristine said...

I love your dresses! They're just gorgeous and you did an excellent job!
The baby dress is adorable! The rick rack is perfect. :)
~Anna Kristine