Saturday, February 16, 2008

Fully God and Fully Man

Oooh... how weary I am.

I'm mostly hungry and ready for dinner, but I'm tired, too.

I hear a lot of ambiguous statements during homilies at our church, but today I heard one that was out-and-out wrong. "Jesus could not see the future, because Jesus did not know he was God."

I decided that I couldn't just let it pass. Perhaps I am an introvert, but I am capable of putting on an act and simply pretending I'm not, so after Mass I approached Father and inquired: "If Christ is fully man and fully God, and God is all-knowing, how could Christ, being fully God, and so being all-knowing, not know he was God?"

I didn't hurl out Catechism quotes... my first intention was to find out exactly what Father believed so I could counter it. Apparently his views are very similar to Nestorianism.

That's sounds so dreadful, but Father really is great. We didn't have the time to finish our discussion, but when I asked if he'd have any objections to my reading up on it and continuing the conversation at a later date, he was quite enthusiastic about it. Certainly not one of those priests that gets irritated at the impudence of questioning parishioners!

Brief as the conversation was, I really enjoyed it and can't wait for it's continuation.

Presently I have Catechism quotes and quotes from Mystici Corporis, and at least another week to fully arm myself. Any further sources of knowledge to recommend?

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