Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Did Jesus know He was God?

Continuing thoughts on the issue our priest raised in his homily...

"Before Abraham was, I am."

I think that statement of Christ's makes it fairly obvious that He knew Who He was.

Father's argument was based off of the fact of Christ's full humanity.. he said that Christ, being fully human, could not have known He was God, because as humans we're no all-knowing. To demonstrate his point, he held out a piece of paper to me and asked if I could tell him how many atoms comprised the paper. The answer was that I couldn't, but God, having created it, could.

I didn't say so, but the issue of atoms and paper are irrelevant to the discussion.

And I may not be able to say I know how many atoms are in that piece of paper, but I do know that I'm not God.

But the biggest thing to me is: can you even say that lack of knowledge is a trait of human nature? Particularly lack of knowledge of God?

I'm thinking that you'd say more of the opposite. That knowledge of God is more in line with the natural state, but the Fall kind of messed things up a little bit.

Christ became like us in all things except sin. He didn't suffer the effects of the Fall, and in that case He would enjoy the intimacy that man enjoyed with God prior to the Fall.

Wouldn't 'like us in all things except sin,' rather than be a basis for saying Christ as fully human could not have known He was God, be a basis for the exact opposite?

Does this sound reasonable?

I'm not entirely convinced that Father's views aren't in reality Nestorian. If you believe that Christ is fully God and fully man, and not two distinct person (a God-Jesus and a Man-Jesus), then how can you even begin to think that He could fail to realise that He was God?

I'm still a bit baffled about what exactly it is that Father believes. If we get another opportunity to talk, I hope to find out and have another good discussion. But, if not, I've had a marvelous time looking up quotes, thinking it out, and getting a good exercise in thought and theology in general.


lissla lissar said...

I always end up very confused after spending too long thinking about the Incarnation. The Glorious Impossible. It makes my head hurt.

That does sound Nestorian. Slightly better than Arian, but still a heresy!

Cyrus Harding said...

Dear Ms. Duroc,

I understand your frustration, I was there once myself. The key point missed by 99.9% of people is that Jesus IS God. He was God before He was Jesus and his is God now. He always was, IS and will be God. Yes, He knew whereof of which He spoke. He wrestled with Jacob, He walked in the fiery furnace with Shadrach, Mechach and Abednigo. He was and IS Melchisadek, who was also before and during the time of Abraham, to whom Abraham paid tribute and a tithe since Melchesidek was also called The Prince of Peace, Jerusalem.

I found your sight, and I am a novice blogger, through the Quiet Man movie in my favorites.

Good luck in life.