Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Past Few Weeks

Much of November was spent visiting... always enjoyable, though tiring. But it's a delightful kind of tired, when you get home late at night, having just come from some wonderful friends back to your wonderful home. As you're drifting off to sleep you feel blissfully suspended between the two. It was a lovely visit. More singing and dancing than could be imagined; serious discussions over afternoon tea about books, politics, and religion; slightly stressful evenings spent going through several scripts and figuring out how to make everything work; and then staying up late to share movies with one another... we saw for the first time White Christmas, The Gazebo, Sabrina, and Gladiator, and we shared one of our all-time favourites, The Great Escape.

The first few weeks of November flew by, and when I returned home I spent the last couple getting a start on Patrick O'Brian's books. Those were very warm and happy days. What could be more cozy than sitting by the fire reading sea-faring tales and drinking caramel tea?

It was suddenly Advent. I pulled out all my Christmas music and began to sing Christmas hymns. That's certainly a strange feeling. In the past we've always made a clear distinction between Advent and Christmas. Christmas hymns are for Christmas, not for Advent. But when things shift a little bit and you find that you're singing at a Christmas Eve Mass, you have to start rehearsing a few weeks previous to the date.

And now it's Gaudete Sunday, just like that. I always hear that the older you get the faster time seems to go by. I'm not very old yet, only just shy of being an official adult, but sometimes I feel that there isn't such a thing as time, just a great big whirlwind bringing me from one delightful moment to the next. But I'm home again, and my older brother is home again, and the little ones are out in the snow laughing and playing, and I can truly rejoice this third Sunday of Advent, and thank God for all He's given us, especially for the great gift of His Son, whose birth we will soon be celebrating.

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