Friday, September 21, 2007

The Pirate Party

Hurrah! We had our party, and it was simply grand.

In the morning we went out to take a few pictures by the water. It was positively gorgeous. The greyness of the sky gave us the perfect lighting for photos. The boys had a wonderful time running here and there, and we admired the beautiful scenery about us.

Later in the afternoon we all settled down in front of the TV and watched The Pirates of Penzance, as performed by the students at TAC last year.

The feast was, of course, the highlight of the day. Setting the table is always an unpleasant reminder that one of the boys won't be joining us, save for the holidays. Our pirate band laments that we're missing our keenest hand with a blade, but we'll make sure he sees all the pictures of the day.

The table greatly increased in beauty when all the food was laid upon it. We searched through our stores and took out whatever struck as as pirate-y. And, of course, we had a large amount of ginger ale. A pirate feast can't be a proper pirate feast if there isn't some sort of ale served.

The highlight of the day was the feast. The highlight of the feast was the cake. We'd been dreaming about the cake since August, and it fulfilled our expectations. It held the place of honour on the table, flanked by two candles, the flames of which cast strange lights upon its scowling skeleton face.

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