Friday, September 07, 2007

Harrius Potter

Dominus et Domina Dursley, qui vivebant in aedibus Gestationis Ligustrorum numero quattuor signatis, non sine superbia dicebant se ratione ordinaria vivendi uti neque se paenitere illius rationis, in toto orbe terrarum vix credas quemquam esse minus deditum rebus novis et arcanis, quod ineptias tales omnino spernebant.

That's the opening paragraph of Harrius Potter et Philosophi Lapis, a book I didn't realise existed until two days ago, when my mother called from my grandfather's house and informed me of this delightful occupant of the bookshelf. And yesterday she brought it home with her.

My, my, what a book! For a Harry Potter fan who is studying Latin, this is pure bliss. I could almost say that it's the most thrilling discovery of the month, if it hadn't been for the fact that yesterday I opened Chesterton's George Bernard Shaw and a little menu from a French restaurant fell out, with G.KC.'s signature upon the back (all sorts of such surprises jump out of books when the master of the house is a devoted Chesterton fan).

But this is certainly the second most thrilling discovery of the month. It's available at Amazon, and I see there's a translation for the second book, as well: Harrius Potter et Camera Secretorum.

And would you look! There's also an Ancient Greek edition of the first book!

I'm looking forward to finding a few afternoons in which I can find some free time to read our Latin version, but first I anticipate that it will be making a little trip to TAC. My eldest brother hasn't read the Harry Potter books yet, but now I don't think he'll be able to resist.

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