Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Boys Went Fishing

What are Sunday afternoons for, anyway?

They got a couple of tree branches, a couple lengths of some blue something-or-other string, and a couple floats. Then they went out to the beach, and went fishing.

There were boats going here and there, children splashing, and they themselves were thumping around rather unskillfully. If there were any fish in the vicinity, which I doubt, they surely scared them all away.

So they came home with no fish. But they'd had such a wonderful time.

They weren't fishing necessarily to catch fish, but just for the mere joy of fishing. They could hope that they would catch fish, and that was all it took.

We sophisticated and all-grown-up adults don't hope that we'll catch fish under such circumstances, because we know that we won't. We don't fish unless we believe that we have a reasonable chance of catching something. Children do most of their fishing when to catch something would be unreasonable.

They have so much hope and joy in their lives. It's a simple joy of life itself, which doesn't need see any gain to be satisfied. They don't need to catch fish; they're profoundly joyful that they can just try, regardless of what they actually get out of it in the end.

I want to try to recapture this mere joy of living. I don't want to fish just because I want to make a catch. That would be nice, certainly, but just as nice is the sun above me, just as nice is standing knee-deep in the cool water, just as nice is continually marching back to shore because my cheese "bait" keeps slipping off my hook, just as nice is thinking how nice it would be if I did catch a fish after all.

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edgar said...

Hi Mamselle,
Simply to get lost in the hour watching the hummingbird feeding in our backyard feeder.Reading your notes is touching a joyful thread in the tapestry.
Thank you.