Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Our Cottage in Killarney

During our stay in Killarney we occupied a lovely little set of cottages, which were simple, charming, and so comfortable and home-like.

The exterior was simply delightful, looking precisely as an Irish cottage ought to look. The extended family found it amusing that we got the pink door, considering that there's only one girl, myself, in the midst of six brothers. But we came to be very fond of our little pink door.

Little Aidan peeking in...

Above are a few pictures of the room I stayed in. It had a lovely view of the backyard, and as we got quite a bit of sun during our stay I often had the window open. Each room had its own little sink, and the closet was nice and roomy... though the hinges weren't quite lined up. When one is lying ill in bed for the afternoon, feeling drowsy but not able to sleep, and staring across at the same closet for hours on end, one notices such things, and its maddening. And I always did have just a wee bit of Hercule Poirot in me...

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