Thursday, July 19, 2007

Muckross House

While in Killarney, we got to go on a tour of Muckross House, of which no more can be said than utterly gorgeous. For those of you that, like me, love costume films not just for the lovely clothes, but for the lovely manors and their interiors, Muckross House fulfills every dream... save the one of actually living in such a place, of course. I call Muckross my "dream dream home." This dream house is located exclusively in fantasy. My cottage, on the other hand, is so very small and so very inexpensive that it may come true someday... though I doubt it will be in Ireland.

Our tour guide was extraordinarily kind. She simply adored Paddy and gave him a ball of recently-spun yarn when we passed through the gift shop. She and I were alone in the kitchen for a time while we waited for the others to catch up, and we had a nice chat... all about the atmosphere of kitchens, and why old kitchens such as the one in Muckross had so much atmosphere. Honestly, you have the most interesting conversations in Ireland, with practically anybody. Such a conversation on kitchens here would require a careful searching out of a kindred spirit. It was delightful.

I have no pictures of the interior of the House, as naturally no photography was allowed, considering that everything in the house was so old. There is a website for the House, however, with several photos. Here is a picture of the main hallway, which was sometimes used as a ballroom. At the top of the was a portrait of Mary Balfour Herbert, who resided in the House for sometime. You can see the portrait at her page. Isn't she simply gorgeous... and isn't her gown exquisite? I simply couldn't take my eyes off it.

And a picture of Queen Victoria's room, especially prepared for her visit in 1861. It was on the ground floor, as the Queen had a deep fear of fires.

Here are a couple pictures of mine of the exterior of the House:

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