Wednesday, July 11, 2007

More sights of Dublin

Guinness, of course!
Our hotel was right on the River Liffey. There is something about the river that makes one truly believe they are gazing at Dublin in the 'rare old times.' The lobby of the hotel had a beautiful view looking out over the water, and I loved to sit there and simply gaze.

While walking to St. Mary's to check the Mass times, we came across the Gate Theatre. It was simply thrilling to see. Orson Welles got his start there, and we've been great fans since listening to the old Shadow radio show as little children. We got to see it again a couple more times, and returned to tell all with wide eyes and awestruck faces: "We saw the Gate!"

Sweeney Todd was currently playing there, and though I have no doubt that it would have been fun to see, I have a great fear of two things... demon barbers and demon dentists.

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Serena said...

Have you been to Ireland before? I went 4 years ago. I just got a scanner for my computer, so I am going to scan some of my photos and put them up on my blog and change my avatar. I love seeing your photos! I'm sorry about your ear--I was sick when I went, too.

I'd love to hear more about your trip!
QueenOrual from S&S Board