Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Cottage Again

Our living room, where we'd sit in the evenings reading and watching TV. We were particularly interested in the commercials... there was such a variety. So were so very Irish, some were so very British, and some very overdone imitations of the flashy American style.

The books were many and varied. Liam was reading Les Miserables... Sean and Kieron went through a stack of books consisting of Redwall, Tom Playfair, Outlaws of Ravenhurst, and many others. I had brought The Robe, All Quiet on the Western Front, and the Father Brown Stories. I had originally been intending to save Father Brown for a last resort, as I've read of his adventures many times before, but after becoming ill he and the tall athletic Flambeau were the only ones who could catch my attention. Brendan had brought our other copy, so we were both immersed in Father Brown throughout the trip.

Paddy, myself, and Aidan sitting upon the hearth of our little fireplace. The boys got their hats while were in Killarney, and looked completely and utterly like little Irish darlings.

Our dining room, with the table already covered in books and paper. I meant to get pictures before the cottage become lived in, but I wasn't in time. It took hardly five minutes for us to make ourselves at home.

The kitchen, small but more than serviceable, aside from the fact that some of the appliances needed a great deal of prompting to work... though that only added to the adventure and enjoyment. It was a bit like camping, where you have to make things work, rather than just sit back and know all's well, save that the weather was nice and cool and it wasn't nearly so dusty and dirty. In other words, all the good points and a lack of the bad.

The stairs, with Aidan making his way up. They were narrow and steep... they were exactly how the stairs of an Irish cottage ought to be. We simply adored our little cottage. It was small, but the nine of us fit quite well, especially as we spent most of our time out of doors. Now I know precisely what I want my dream home to look like!


Serena said...

That's what my dream home looks like, too. I love the kitchen.
QueenOrual from S&S Board

Alice Gunther said...

Oh, I love this dream home!!!

In fact, our family would like the one next door--it'll need to fit nine for us too!