Friday, May 04, 2007

May Reading

  • The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas
  • How the Reformation Happened by Hilaire Belloc

These are the only two I have lined up for the month at present. The Three Musketeers is rather long, so it will probably take up most of my fiction time, and this month is simply going to be busy, what with finishing up the school year and trying to get a swing dance started.

My re-read of Jane Eyre was very enjoyable. One thing that I found particuarly interesting was the contrast between Mr. Rochester and Mr. Rivers. They were almost opposites. On the one hand you have a sinner, and on the other hand you have a man too excessively saintly. And yet Mr. Rochester changed for the better in the end, but Mr. Rivers did not. One would think that the more 'saintly' would have the greater chance of redemption, but I wonder if perhpas Mr. Rivers' excessive and rigid piety was what held him back from becoming a truly good man. Mr. Rochester's wrongness lay in his wrongness, but Mr. Rivers' wrongness lay in his rightness. It would be a great deal easier for a wrong man to become right than a man too right to become right. He would feel as though he he were becoming wrong, though the fact of the matter would be that he was becoming right, because his rightness was wrong. Yet how much harder for him to see!

Wuthering Heights was also greatly improved in the second reading, if such a thing is possible. In July I'm going to skim through it again, as our annual homeschooling camping trip is going to include a discussion of the book amongst the older set of younger people. And we shall have the great honour of having a student from Thomas Aquinas College join us... my very own brother.

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