Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Taj Mahoney

Such is the nickname of Our Lady of the Angels. Looking at it one would never guess it was a cathedral. In fact, nothing would lead one to believe it was even a church, let alone a Catholic church. And even if one did happen to know, I doubt if one could find the tabernacle. And, in the case that one is fortunate enough to realise that the weird thing up there isn't some sort of golden idol but actually a tabernacle, one would probably feel the same revulsion that I felt when I realised that the hideous thing was the dwelling-place of Christ.

Just Keep Reminding Yourself: This is Progress


The Cathedral's Official Site

I've heard several conversion stories in which the convert entered a beautiful cathedral and, so impressed by the majesty and glory, was inspired to seek out Catholicism. But this cathedral... it probably confirms what they already suspected... that we Catholics are crazy idol-worshippers.

Honestly, if I saw someone genuflecting to that tabernacle... it looks completely and utterly like a statue of some strange and weird god. From the Cathedral's official website: "The tabernacle's vertical composition draws the eye to the heavens." I don't know about anyone else, but the thing about the tabernacle that draws my eyes are it's own great, big, staring ones.

And those angels... the more I look at them, and their great big brown wings, the more fond I become of them. For the cathedral I think they're dreadful. But, elsewhere.... they're rather cute. They look a bit like bats.

That's progress. But, personally, I can't wait for the chapel at Thomas Aquinas College to be finished. I eagerly follow
its progress.

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Anonymous said...

Anyone seen the Orange County's Diocese "rocket-ship" to God? The chrome baby Jesus? The 90' neon electronic cross that blinds pilots?
Orange County has the Taj Mahoney beat!