Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Patron Saint for 2007

Several families I know have a lovely tradition of choosing randomly on the first of January a saint who will be their patron that year. It's a wonderful way to 'meet' new saints, and in some instances the saint chosen can be very 'prophetic,' so to speak.

I didn't get around to choosing my saint until January was at an end. I took down Butler's Lives of Saints, randomly opened it and randomly laid my finger on the pages. Of course I was very excited and curious. Perhaps I'd come up with St. Cecilia, patron saint of musicians. That would be most appropriate, as I am very musical. St. Francis de Sales would also have been appropriate, as I'm a writer. Perhaps St. Patrick, which would be very prophetic, as I'm going to Ireland this summer. I was introduced to St. Ivo of Kermartin as my patron saint for the year.

Clearly nothing could fall in the 'appropriate' category. St. Ivo is the patron saint of lawyers and that does not happen to be my profession. I've never had any interest in taking up such a career. With a sigh that nothing dramatically wonderful had happened to me as it seemed to happen to others, I closed the book and decided to become good friends with St. Ivo anyway, even if he didn't seem to fit in.

And then I recalled the prophecy! I could think of nothing pleasant that could result from such a prophecy, and I fell into a state of dread. What crime would I be accused of? Why would St. Ivo's intercession become so necessary in the future? In what way did lawyers lie in my future? For two days I lived in fear, but nothing happened. No robberies, no murders... nothing that I could be accused of. Ah, clearly St. Ivo was only to be a good friend after all.

And yet, the evening of the third day, the prophecy was fulfilled. St. Ivo was not so random as I thought, but there was a definite reason for his being chosen.

For several months we had been receiving from Netflix the various episodes of Lost in Space, one of my father's favourite TV shows as a child, which we all enjoyed very much. However, we'd come to the end shortly before St. Ivo made his presence known, and so another of his favourite shows was on its way. And we watched the first episode of the first season on the evening of the third day.

The day the prophecy was fulfilled. We all settled down with great anticipation in front of the TV, and watched Perry Mason.

And I hope that's as far as prophecy will go!

St. Ivo of Kermartin, pray for us!

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